​Discreet, therapeutic, sensual and erotic m2m massage

Relaxing Massage It is a combination; it goes from soft and tender touch to 100 lbs. of pressure when and where is needed and giving a touch of tantric massage is a must to achieve total relaxation leading to sublime spiritual experience. 

Tantric Massage 80 minute session therapeutic,Nurturing Full Body Massage.
Tantric is a special body massage that keeps the mind and body balanced and functioning optimally. It also allows the recipient to experience intense pleasure at the soul level. 
Such a massage can lead to sublime spiritual experience that transcends time and space.  
Tantra body massage is an authentic spiritual technique one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling therapies.

Body electric massage:
Body electric massage is  intended to promote positive self-image and the acceptance of one's own body. 

It is the most loving touch between two adults, I the giver will be the best friend and healer you can have at the time.
intuition and compassionate nature help me to tune into You. 
​prostate massage optional...
Complete Massage and MALE BONDING Experience.

​Prostate massage available up on request in some of the sessions.
Requirements for any Massage : 
 A shower is always expected within 1 hr before a session whether it is a 60 minute or deeper session
 You are always welcome to shower with shower gel or soap at the studio.
 When showering please use a wash cloth with soap.
 A 1 to 2 hour wait after eating is always best for a massage.
 24 hrs in advance for booking works best, how ever last minute calls are welcome.
  Your personal hygiene is greatly valued. 

​ "Preliminary careful showering with a wash cloth is requested before your visit".

Rates: take 30.00 off on any of the sessions for the season 

40 minutes relaxing  100.00  minus 30.00 =   70.00
60 minutes relaxing with prostate massage 100.00, prostate massage is only optional
80 minutes Tantric    150.00 minus  30.00 = 120.00 prostate massage available upon request 
BEM 100 min  200.00 minus  30.00 = 170.00 prostate massage available upon request 

Gratitud appreciated 

Get Prostate massage
​Get Prostate massage
Get Prostate massage


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