​That was by far the best massage I have received in the state of Arizona . His surrounding energy was very welcoming and peaceful I felt as if his table was my safe haven . The flow and pressure was A-1 FANTASTIC.. there is no questions asked THIS IS MY MASSAGE THERAPIST!!!!!!!! Thank you "NAMASTE"
03/30/18 Ramel 90 minutes session 
​I have had many massages over the years, but never have felt so pampered in my life as yesterday .Julls has magical hands ! And the rest of him is pretty terrific as well. From the moment I arrived at his place I realized I was in good company. Julls is a very tall, good looking man who knows his way around another mans body. I have had cold theraputic massages with lots of draping and not much massage, and nude erotic massages that the table was the only clue that this was supposed to be a massage.. Julls massage is the best of all worlds. Lots of massaging, stretching, and molding, with caring sensual touch interspersed to keep it interesting. If you are looking for a lot of personal attention from a very caring man you can't go wrong with Julls.
Gary 06/20/13

This was my first visit to metro Phoenix (rather than flying over it or skirting around it on my way to somewhere else) in eons, so learning about Jull's Oasis was a stroke of wonderful luck or divine providence! 

Julio is deeply intuitive physically and emotionally and can "read" you like a book in both cases. He makes you feel like a million bucks before, during, and after your session. He establishes a bond and connection that is both heartening and fulfilling while creating an ambiance fostering instantaneous trust. Giving one's self up to Julio is invigorating and energizing. He takes you to an astral plane of pleasure and fulfillment that leaves you walking on air. It is an experience unlike none I've ever had before and I look forward to a return trip to the area with Julio #1 on my list of "must-dos." 

Jim, Lincoln, NE 

 10out of 10

10/28/11 From: Rob . Message: Julls provides an beautifully choreographed massage session. His studio is very comfortable and his heated massage table is great. Fresh linens and attention to details during the massage make the experience even nicer. He uses his entire body to both relax and stimulate your senses. He does not advertise enough and I predict that he will become very hard to arrange an appointment with once word gets out about his outstanding Body Electric sessions. 10/27/11 

Hire Again? Yes
Rate Paid: 220.00
City: Scottsdale
Duration: 130 plus

Masseur Remarks: Namaste!!!

 10out of 10

10/16/11 I have been going to Julls for massage for about a year. I don't know how he does it, but I always not only feel like I'm a very special individual, but his technique takes me to a place where I am living only in that moment. It is rejuvenating, relaxing, energizing and above all caring and sensual. No one else seems to be able to connect like that with me. Thanks, Julls. I'll continue seeing you often. 10/14/11 

Hire Again? Yes
Rate Paid: 
City: Tucson
Duration: 95+ min

Masseur Remarks: Namaste!!!

 10 out of 10

09/07/10 Julls - Thank You Very Much for a Terrific Experience!! you are a Beautiful Man, and i enjoyed every moment we shared today. you opened my eyes to an experience that i never thought could be so Wonderful!! i look forward to coming to visit you again (next month). - paul 08/16/10 

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 A+ massage experience. I cannot begin to tell you how contented I feel after being pampered in your oasis. I was amazed by your masterful skills, attention to details and your genuine love. I was blown away by the experience and will visit you again whenever I am in the Phoenix area.

Thanks again.
Jay. 04/30/18
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